ATEX is dealing with RO Systems to be CE. certified Company for its Quality Management Systems and Product design, Manufacturing, Installation and after sales Service of Commercial ,amp; Industrial R.O. water treatment plants and Domestic R.O. water purifiers and Swimming pool all Service by Atex Ro Systems Pvt.Ltd. started importing domestic as well as commercial Reverse Osmosis-based mineral water plants from USA in 1995. It also began to sell, install, and maintain these Systems in the Indian local market. We have the coveted reputation of being the pioneers in introducing reverse osmosis based water purification Systems in India. An ever-growing demand for pure drinking water, quality of our product and prompt after sales service took us to incorporate a private limited company and in 2015 Atex Ro Systems Pvt.Ltd. was formed. Initially, it consisted of a group of chemical and mechanical engineers and technicians with more than 5 years of combined experience in the design, consulting, and manufacturing of water desalination and purification using reverse osmosis technology. The promoters of this company have a successful track record from diversified fields such as construction, building, finance, plastics, textiles, automobile dealerships, bulk-transport, and petrol pumps Atex Ro Systems Pvt.Ltd. deals with Commercial, Domestic and Industrial RO Systems. It also manufactures packaged RO Systems for ground, bore well, well, river and tap water applications in standard capacities of portable water production. The capacities range anywhere from 8 Liter/hr to 50000 Liter/hr and we are diversified in our approach with single, double, and triple tube water filters which come with and without UV attachments as well as softeners and water vending machines in various capacities.

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